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Dash, Violet, and Jack- Jack from The Incredibles! All grown up :3

I’m reblogging this again because god damnit I’m getting headcannons. How awesome would it be if like, 10 or 15 years after Incredible’s, these three become like the ultimate crime fighting team. Violet would be the leader, with the brains and many of the black widow style skills her mother passed down to her.Dash would be like the action man with his insane reflexes and he would totally learn to fly a jet from his mom. And then Jack-Jack is the passive quiet one but he’s seriously the most powerful in the group, but he’s happy just to follow and is super modest about being one of the most hyperpowered superhero’s ever. And Helen and Bob are there too, being as awesome as they always were. They do less field work now, getting ready to actually retire. But they’re always there to lend their kids a helping hand when they need it. I legit want a sequel with these three as the protagonists? Mixing the ordinary of young adult life with the fantastic of super heroism? Violet is going steady with that one guy from the end of the movie, Dash is totally revolving his life around superheroism and has a hard time keeping his identity secret, and Jack-Jack is dealing with being rejected in highschool for being a wimp or something and is suffering whiplash from his polar opposite double lives.


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